Friday, March 16, 2007

"Deal Or No Deal" special treat- Hot Firemen!

Mark your calendar ladies! On March 19, Deal Or No Deal will showcase 26 sizzling hot firemen instead of their usual female models. I like it.

Twins Annie and Aubrey will compete for a doubled-up prize of $2 million. Also, Howie will hit the streets to find an "instant contestant" to take on the Banker-- he finds a lady working at a food-court counter in the local exciting!

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Anonymous said...

do you know how to find out whether they will air it again? I had it on my DVR but it got deleted somehow; damn dvr! I'm a fireFIGHTER (NOT fireMAN) cause I'm female ... and my husband recorded it for me cuz he knew I'd think it was cool. I'm sooo bummed that it got deleted .. any suggestions of how to find it on again? If so, can you please email me at Thanks!