Friday, March 23, 2007

Richie buys Denise her dream bag

Denise Richards really wanted the sold-out, limited-edition "Adele" bag by Louis Vuitton. Apparently Denise couldn't get her little hands on one, so Sambora did the dirty work for his gal.

An insider told In Touch that Denise gave up on trying to get the $3,400 purse. Richie found one for her on eBay and outbid everyone for it, shelling out a measly $5,000.

"Denise was thrilled. She loves the bag and uses it every day," according to a pal.


Anonymous said...

oh gag me. richie should have done something useful with that 5,000.00 like help the homeless. denise is such a spoiled brat and it shows.

Anonymous said...

denise makes me gag too, but trust me, Richie has made plenty of good with his money.

Anonymous said...

hey at least he didn't buy her a laptop. for denise that's a weapon. lol

bon jovi does do a lot of charity work, i agree, but 5,0000 so ms. wacko could have the purse that she wanted? that's so hollywood like. whatever, these celebs are so entertaining. richie used to be so hot. then denise happened.