Sunday, November 04, 2007

Anglian Home Improvements

For those of you in the UK, winter is fast approaching and the value of double glazing cannot be underestimated. Anglian has been known as the place to go for home improvements across the UK for over thirty six years.

Anglian Home Improvements offers a very large range of double glazing options to compliment your home. By itself, glass is not a great insulator, which means that windows are a major source of heat escaping or entering a home. Let Anglican help you save money and energy!

Anglian's high quality has helped millions of satisfied customers across the UK to create their ideal home. They make sure they are always one step ahead of the competition with non-stop research and development. Visit Anglian and browse all of their wonderful, state of the art home improvement supples.

Read why Anglican is #1 customer recommended. Anglian is dedicated to helping you complete your perfect home, all in one place. Anglian takes pride in keeping their customers happy, stop by today, you will NOT be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

we recently signed a contract with anglian to replace the double glazing in our house and could not have picked a worse company to do busness with.once they have your deposit calls are not returned from their office, appointments made with surveyors who don't turn up, rude staff - all round poor customer service. If your thinking of having any home improvements done choose another company

Gary Beckford said...

I would have to disagree with anonymous. I also recently signed a contract with Anglian to replace my windows, front door and guttering. I found their service first class and would happily recommend them to anyone. Their team of fitters arrived every day on time and cleaned up well after them, the only mess they seemed to leave was empty tea-mugs each day! Mind you I didn't have any issues or have to contact their customer service, but still found them really good.