Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The BMW of Vacuums

How long have you been telling yourself that it's time to replace your outdated vacuum? Go check out the best, the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Dyson is the only vacuum cleaner that works like a vacuum cleaner should. Period.

The Dyson technology captures particles as tiny as pollen, bacteria and mold spores- all without a dirty bag to deal with. In turn, a Dyson expels 150 times less pollen, bacteria and mould spores than the air you breathe. There is no loss of suction- Dyson uses Root Cyclone™ technology to separate dirt from the air by centrifugal force. It doesn't rely on a filter that clogs, so suction remains constant, room after room after room.

Every Dyson vacuum cleaner is covered by a free 5 year parts and labor guarantee. There is also a team of friendly, knowledgeable Dyson experts available 7 days a week if you need any advice or assistance. You can also just call and tell them how much you LOVE your new vacuum! Click here to see which model is right for you.

Throw away those messy vacuum bags, save money and enjoy nice clean air in your home.... go visit Dyson today!

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