Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Paul McCartney brings in the cash for charity

Paul McCartney raised $123,000 at last night's Gibson GuitarTown London charity auction at indigO2.

The guitar was a 10ft tall hand-painted Les Paul replica signed by Paul. It was designed by visual artist Rosie Brooks.

McCartney said, "I'm really amazed and very happy that the guitar went for so much and for such a great cause."

Other big sales included Robert Plant's signed sculpture that went for $8,260, Ozzy Osbourne $6,711 and SG guitars signed by Roger Waters $21,684, Ronnie Wood $18,586 and Slash $17,554.20.

The successful bidder of Pauls' guitar said he will donate it to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London in December.

Image: Modern Guitars Magazine

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