Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Madonna dyes her own wool

Madonna has ticked off animal welfare groups over a photo shoot featuring sheep from her estate dyed different colors. Madge is pictured on the front of Vogue alongside her flock of sheep, colored blue, pink, yellow and green.

An RSPCA rep says, "Why is it necessary and what are they trying to prove? It sends out the wrong message about how to use animals. Even if the dye is safe for the animals, others might copy it with an unsafe dye."

Madonna and her hub, Guy Ritchie say they were paying tribute to photographer Cecil Beaton with the photos.

The Sun

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Tasmin said...

Dyeing sheep is no more worse than farmers branding their sheep with coloured dye to identify them. Have the sheep been hurt or injured I guess not. Why don't the media look at some of the really positive things that Madonna is doing such as her Patronage to this interesting venture. Take a gander, it's real positive stuff http://www.climatechangechallenge.org