Thursday, July 14, 2005

Kate Bosworth needs to choose her man

Bosworth has been filming "Superman Returns" in Australia and Orlando is filming the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel in the Bahamas.

Kate has been seen hooking up with Bloom...when he is around that is. He flew from his location to hers to show the love. However, rumor is when he leaves she's having a torrid affair with model Lundi Shackleton, pictured above. Ole' Lundi is a driver on the set of her film and they have practically been "living together." Other reports say she has told Lundi to get lost.

"Kate is seeing Lundi, even though Orlando is trying to get her back," said an IN Touch insider. "He even has one of his assistants carry two cell phones for him- a general line and one strictly for calls from Kate."

In Touch

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