Wednesday, September 07, 2005

GQ Men of the Year

Charlotte Church was named Woman of the Year at the GQ Men of the Year Awards last night. That sounds funny. Anyway, Church was dressed in a clingy sequined Roberto Cavalli dress. Charolette "drew roars" of appreciation when she thanked her BOOBS during her acceptance speech. Shouldn't she be thanking her undercarriage?

Other winners on the night included Daniel Craig, Jay-Z, Bob Geldof and Gordon Ramsay - who said he'd only return next year if he was allowed to cook the food. Wag.

Charolette Church

Alicia Silverstone and Sophie Okonedo

Eva Herzigova

Pierce Brosnan

Jade Jagger

Simon Cowell & Paula Abdul

Jerry Hall

Robbie Williams

Jay Z


Mike V. said...

I don't know who Eva Herzigova or Charlotte Church is (though that picture of her on DListed about to be shoe-horned is funny) but they are both very hot.

gabsmash said...

mike v... i do this just for you- so be happy! kidding. glad you stopped by as always.

eva is a Czech model

church is a singer

Michael K said...

Ewww I can't stand Charlotte Lurch!

Mike V. said...

bullshit, Michael, you know you'd like her black pumps in a second..

Mike V. said...

that should say:
you'd LICK her black pumps in a second. :P

gabsmash said...

MIKE v!! quit fantasizing out loud!

AllyCat said...

Who the hell is Charlotte Church anyhow?