Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Run JLo, run!

Heather McCartney, Paul's wife, is determined to confront Jennifer Lopez over her fashion label's use of fur. Heather already tried barging into Lopez' New York office and missed her there. So McCartney left a PETA video for her. Wonder if she watched it over popcorn and a diet coke? McCartney is hell bent on catching Lopez.

Heather said, "Peta has tried for years to educate her about fur - at first gently and quietly, and now like this," Heather told the paper.

"She keeps saying she wants to be educated. So the next stage is I'll find out where she lives and show up there. And I'll get ahold of her at her premieres."

Okay, getting a little creepy. Earlier this month McCartney also criticized "Diddy" Combs along with other "fur loving celebs" attending New York's fashion week.



neal gardner said...

Imagine if Paul McCartney's wife had two legs? Then she'd probably catch J-Lo.

Kat in da Hat said...

HAHA Neal. I just thought..if JLo had Heather's leg stolen, she'd be sure to avoid her.

Elizabeth said...

The fur wearing celebs don't seem to have two brain cells to rub together. They must all be Bush's illegitimate children.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Jennifer Lopez, how would she like to be SKINNED Alive? She is a bad example to society and she isn't glamourous at all by wearing the fur of animals who have suffered all their lives trapped in small cages and are finally killed in the most cruel manner. SHAME and guilt on ANYONE who buys FUR knowing the TRUTH behind it.