Monday, March 06, 2006

'The Bachelor' couple already drifting

The gossip from a local Nashville paper is claiming "eyewitness reports" that Sarah Stone, who received the final rose from Dr. Travis Stork, has been seen around town with Matt Lauderdale, the roommate and business partner of Tennessee Titans receiver Drew Bennett. Already?

Sources claim catching the pair at a YMCA spin class and at a Kid Rock post concert party. How dare! One source even claimed they were at a local pub "touching, hugging, flirting and looking very much like a couple." Those sources always say that!

Lauderdale (who has recently split from his girlfriend) denies it, saying they are "just friends"

UPDATE: They're so over!

Stork said that reality has hit, "The reality is that we were in this fantasy world. And now that we're back in Nashville, over time when you're not allowed to see someone, you grow apart."

Stone, 26, said, "I definitely think it would've worked out differently" if she and Stork had met and dated under different circumstances.

Both said they remain single and unattached and that they had no regrets about doing the show.

"Through this time, we realized that it was a great experience in Paris and that we're so lucky to have met one another in Paris, and we'll never forget that," Stone said. "And we both agree and know that we'll be friends forever."



TheIdleReceptionist said...

Well, poop on both of them. Moana must feel justified about now...

Stacee said...

What a waste of time- it's true.