Friday, June 09, 2006

Beyonce and her new tracks

Beyonce gave up her vacation to record a new album after the songs came to her in a dream. B was just three days into a month-long break when the ideas came rushing in. The album, B'Day, will be released in time for Beyonce's birthday on September 4.

She said, "I started to have all these ideas for a solo record, and so, without telling anyone - my manager, my record label - I called up Sean Garrett, Rich Harrison and Rodney Jerkins. I set up three studios... and banged out 20 songs. Just like that, in a matter of days."


neal gardner said...

It took Beyonce a few days to bang out 20 new tracks and a team of 10 producers 6 months to make them sound good.

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Noooo, NEAL! Don't knock B! ;o)

I heard the first single and loved it.

Also, it feels very wrong to be posting a comment here not filled with snark.