Monday, August 07, 2006

Ashlee blows her fans

Blows off, so sorry. Simpson angered her fans last month when she decided to cancel her scheduled concert. Exhausted? Dehydrated? No...just "sick"

92.5 KISS FM promoted the event. Director Bill Michaels said, "I started getting calls that Ashlee was at the Hilton Toledo and that she's not sick at all. She's rollerblading down the halls and she went to dinner at Chili's."

Over 100 lonely fans waited for her the next morning at her hotel. When she boarded her tour bus "everyone was yelling at her and really let her have it." A promoter said, "Refunds were available." Well that makes it better....the above pics are of her performance the next day

US Weekly

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I'd be sick too if I had to blow all my fans