Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Simpson and Marie Claire

Ashlee Simpson has "hit back" at the editor of Marie Claire after a backlash by the publication's readers.

Simpson upset readers when she said, "Everyone is made differently, and that's what makes us beautiful and unique. I want girls to look in the mirror and feel confident." Then she went and had her nose done.

Over 1,000 readers complained to the magazine. New editor Joanna Coles writes in the September issue, "She was quoting chapter and verse about how crucial it is to love yourself as you are, etc. We're dazed and confused - and disappointed - by her choice too."

The brilliant response? Simpson's rep said, "I'm sorry the new editor is using Ashlee to get publicity for her magazine." Uhhh, Who needs publicity more? An established magazine or a wanna be-cant make up my mind-who the hell am I-tabloid pop star?

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MaiTai said...

Who can be surprised by this?Ashlee Simpson has two brain cells and they are at war with each other. Ahem, meaning she doesn't come up with original thoughts, they are handed to her by her handlers (including her creepy father).