Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hannah wants a US baby

Actress Daryl Hannah will reportedly adopt a child from the US. Hannah, 46, recently said that she has given up on finding love, but she still dreams of starting a family - and rather than look abroad to adopt like other celebrities, she wants to give an underprivileged American child a chance.

Hannah said, "I know there are more than half a million kids right here in the US who need to be adopted or need homes, who are so-called 'hard to adopt' because they're not babies and come from troubled backgrounds, so I think that's probably the way I would go."


Anonymous said...

Daryl, You are great! She was doing earth friendly stuff when no one gave a damn! Way to go and keep it up!

Reenie said...

Dumb. First off, the kid's gonna be aware she's famous, and second, why do these idiots have to "announce" it? Why can't they shut up and do it for the children and not their image? If they really cared, they'd work quietly behind the scenes, along the lines of Mia Farrow, for example. Get over yourselves, you washed up actors!

Anonymous said...

Good for her. Reenie, chill out. Why can't they shut up? Because even you are reading the gossip blogs.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why she couldn't find a mate, earlier on. I agree with Anon 9:39am, she 's been green long before it is now the new black.

I've read so many times people saying they saw her in person and she's stunning.

Good on you, Daryl!

eda said...