Thursday, May 31, 2007

Poor Lindsay

The dominoes are falling.... Lohan has entered intensive medical rehab. Now, people are wondering how the 20 year old is getting served alcohol in the clubs in the first place. California's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is one particular group wondering about the scenario.

According to TMZ, the agency has contacted the Beverly Hills Police Department to see if there is any evidence of Lindsay Lohan being served the night of the crash.

Lohan was throwing down at Les Deux before the incident. John Carr, a spokesperson from Alcohol Control, told TMZ that they will "review witness reports and other evidence to determine if a formal investigation is warranted. Carr says his agency also wants to know if Lohan or others may have been served after hours."

Calls from TMZ have not been returned from Les Deux. Of course not. They are like, Oh hell, TMZ is calling...we're so screwed!

TMZ/Photo: Hollywood Rag

Update: This week's Star Magazine is reporting that a friend of Lohan told the mag Linds is suicidal:

"During an emotional meltdown in NYC in the weeks before her May 26 bust, Lindsay screamed that she just wanted to end it all – and tried."

"She grabbed a knife and started cutting at her wrists," the insider reveals. "A friend made her stop and went around looking for sharp objects. Lindsay ran into the bathroom with a bottle of Advil."

Crying, "Leave me alone! I just want to die!" Lindsay locked herself in the bathroom and threatened to swallow the entire bottle, says the source. Finally, someone broke down the door and saved the distraught actress from herself!"



Kat in da Hat said...

I had a friend try to kill herself (and almost succeed) with a bottle of Tylenol. I don't know if Advil works the same, but Linds should have just OD'd like any self respecting coke head.

Anonymous said...

when doing press last year from just my luck she did the same exact thing - with a butter knife.

Jamie said...

Taking the entire bottle of Advil (ibuprofen)could have been nasty.
Even if Lohab didn't actually mean to kill herself, the possible fatal effects are similar to paracetamol - death by major organ failure.
A very painful and prolonged way to die.