Monday, May 28, 2007

Tom's new toy

Tom Cruise recently purchased a $100,000 custom-built motorcycle. When I say custom-built...I mean custom. Project manager of Vyrus, Ascanio Rodorigo said that the manufacturer took Tom's height and weight so that "when he rides the bike, it feels like a custom-made suit." Coolness.

Cruise purchased the Vyrus 985 C3 4V . Vyrus, an an Italian company (check out David!), delivered the bike to Tom's Beverly Hills home. I should think!

Photo: VYRUS/Us Magazine


Anonymous said...

he's obviously overcompensating for something.

i gotta say though, that ride is niiiiice.

the only thing cool about tom riding it though would be him falling off and turning into a Hollywood Zombie (read: dead but alive!). But then again, he's not far from that right now, being a scientologist drone and everything. Check out Tom Ooze @, along with other celeb parodies on trading cards (from the same people who brought you Garbage Pail Kids). I work for Hollywood Zombies, so i just wanted to spread the good word. Who knew death could be so much fun!?

toddy said...

Tom cruise is probably the most adventurous hollywood actor alive. reminds me alittle of Steve McQueen with all the bikes and cars. Must be nice to be able to spend £50,000 pounds on a custom built 170mph motorbike and not have to worry about the cost. one thing is for sure, I bet the bike insurance will be pretty hefty on his new machine. he must be obsessed with bikes, he already owns more than a dozen of them.