Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Julia's next project

Julia Roberts has signed on to produce and play the lead role in a film about a British conservationist who was murdered in Kenya last year.

Roberts will play filmmaker Joan Root. The movie will follow Root's earlier life making documentaries around the globe with her husband.

An ex-employee and a poacher fired rounds from their AK-47 rifle into Root's farmhouse earlier this year. She was shot in her bed by what is thought to be an opportunist thief, or assassinated by those who objected to her conservation work. Police are still investigating.

Tim Bevan, of Working Title Films, said he is "delighted" by Roberts' involvement with the project, "We are thrilled to be making a film about such a courageous, adventurous and passionate woman."

Filming will begin in Africa next year.

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Karisia_Limited said...

People here in Kenya are so delighted to hear that a film is being made about Joan root. I hope that Julia Roberts and the Director can do Joan's story justice. She was an outspoken voice for animals and conservation and it would be a thrill if her story could be shared with a wider audience.
Cheers, James Christian
Safaris in Kenya