Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hilton will serve 23 days

In that outfit...Paris will serve a minimum of 23 days in jail, because she has already been a good girl.

"The Sheriff's Department is announcing today that Ms. Hilton will do a minimum of 23 days in jail," a spokesperson said. "The possibility that she will be processed in and out in a day is over. She will do her full time, minus 22 days because of a state jail policy encouraging good inmate behavior." Now, how do they know Paris won't go in and get all sleeved and start bangin?

The decision was "reached after an evaluation of all factors, including the judge's written orders, the nature of her offense, and her lack of a criminal history." Hilton has until June 4 to begin her sentence.

People/Photo:Daily Stab

1 comment:

Petite said...

Some time is better than no time! She'll still be IN JAIL!!!

Time to join the "Real World", Paris!