Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Lindsay Lohan tops the latest Maxim "Hot 100" list. What the? "There is no other star in the world who causes more of a stir in the public eye than Lindsay. Her every move is watched and reported on," said Editor in Chief Jimmy Jellinek.

The top 13:
Jessica Alba
Scarlett Johansson
Christina Aguilera
Jessica Biel
Ali Larter
Eva Mendes
Eva Longoria
Sienna Miller
Angelina Jolie
Beyonce Knowles
Katherine Heigl

Ashlee Simpson hit No. 16 and Jessica at 41. Ouch. Ashley Olsen placed 37th, but boho sis Mary-Kate didn't make the list. The issue issue hits stands Saturday.

MSN/Photo: Celebrity Dirty Laundry


bite me bitch said...

wtf were they thinking? any one of the other 99 could have and SHOULD have been above that skank

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, "star"..... please! If's she's #1, why wasn't Gollam on the list.