Friday, June 29, 2007

Paula Abdul is dating JT

Paula Abdul has been dating restaurant owner JT Torregiani for the last month. JT threw Paula a 45th birthday party at Ketchup, his eatery in West Hollywood.

A lurker said, "You could tell she was happy to be with him. They were cuddling all night." The two supposedly met through mutual friends. "She introduces him as her boyfriend. It's really cute how she's so smitten."

US Weekly


Anonymous said...

He must be using her for fame or sex. I can't believe anyone could be truly happy with someone that's so unstable.

Anonymous said...

i think he's using her too. but i dont believe the rumors about paula i think she's perfectly stable. that's just me though

Anonymous said...

i think JT is a scum bag. i was in L.A last year with my best friend and we met JT because his best friend at the time was Lonnie Moore (owner of dolce and the giesha house, which happened to be a family friend.
Anyways, JT got us into VIP at Mood which was amazing; however when we went to leave he hopped in our cab and then belittled my friend because she wouldn't have sex with him. He then continued calling her and screaming " you don't know who you fucked with, you don't disrespect JT like that... do you know who I am."
Thus... JT is an asshole who is just after getting ass and notoriety.
p.s he also dated tara reid bak in the day

Anonymous said...

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