Tuesday, June 26, 2007

JT hacks on his fans

Timberlake has been accused of spitting on his fans outside of his hotel window in Sweden.

Justin was in "foul mood" when a group of teenagers started to bother him at the city's Hard Rock Café. The teens allegedly followed him back to his hotel, so he came up with a genius idea- he started to "pelt" them with a variety of bizarre objects.

A witness told The Mirror, "First a load of ping-pong balls came raining down. Then came a plastic bottle of water. After that, there was strawberries and other fruit. And then came the phlegm." Eww, ew and ew.

An employee at the hotel said, "These are the worst scenes we have ever seen here and we have celebrities staying here all the time. It was manic, and I've never seen so many TV crew and photographers outside."


Tim said...

That wasn't exactly spitting on FANS then, more like spitting on people who deserve worse. Besides, if actual fans were doing it, they also deserve to be spat on. That is just pure harassment.

Pedro Fernandez said...

Deserve worse? Gimme a break.

He makes a comfortable living off the CD's, lunchboxes and other wares those kids buy from him so he could have been less of a spoiled ingrate. It's not like he's the first recording artist to have people following him to his hotel. What a loser.

Anonymous said...

In real life he would be ignored, bullied and probably live like a hermit in the basement of his mom's house. The ugly troll is thankless of his good fortune and should stick with Cameron the grump and raise funny-happy mushrooms and grow weed in their cave in the middle of nowhere.