Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I still love K Fed and I'm freaking out

Britney Spears has told the Federline that she is not going through with their divorce. Yes, that is her in the above photo. Poor thing.

Word is that Brit has been telling her friends for weeks that filing for divorce was a mistake. "She fully admitted she still loves Kevin and she wants her family back. Her ego wouldn't let her back down from starting the divorce action for a long time," the leak said.

Kevin told Brit that he was not going to get back with her. "Brit then
became incensed and told him she would drag out their divorce in the courts for
months, 'until he saw things her way and came back to her.'"

The National Enquirer reports that Kevin recently called Brit about keeping their sons, so he could go to Amsterdam for his BFF's birthday and she refused.

"Britney doesn't want Kevin going out, period, much less to another country where she can't hear and see what is happening," says the source.

"She's jealous that Kevin has a life without her and gets paid to go to clubs and events. Britney reminds Kevin constantly that he is getting paid because of her- and that he's nothing without her."

The National Enquirer


Anonymous said...

this is so fuccin sad...her self-esteem is that low? gurl dont BEG a man 4 nothing, he'll never respect u!!! ure too good 4 him! he dont even want u....sad once again

Anonymous said...

She's a bully and loser.. and K-Fed is better off without any stupid ugly indecent nasty-smelling woman even if she does have money.