Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Whining on the curb

Amy Winehouse had a public blowout with her brand new husband right after her appearance on the MTV Movie Awards Sunday.

Photos are surfacing of Winehouse and hubby Blake Fielder-Civil battling outside of the Sunset Marquis Hotel. A source said, "As soon as they walked into the lobby they started screaming at each other. Amy was shouting: 'You always f**king do this! Don't f**king touch me! F**k you!"

What? What does he always do? Hon, you have only been married a couple of weeks, whatever it is...he's going to KEEP doing it, so get over it.

The couple sat on the curb "for over an hour, sobbing and talking. They looked exhausted by the time they finally went to their room."

Daily Mirror

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