Friday, June 15, 2007

Angelina stuns photog

Celeb photog James Ambler, of Splash News, was following Jolie around NYC on his little bike when he "punctured a tire."

Jolie's driver stopped and asked Ambler if he wanted a ride. Ambler turned him down. KIDDING.

The stunned shutterbug – whom Jolie as well as her kids had already nicknamed "Lance," after cycling champ Lance Armstrong – then heard from Jolie herself, who said from the car, "Come on Lance, hop in."

Inside the vehicle, Jolie told him she appreciated the space some of the photographers were giving her children, he said. Asked afterwards how much time he actually spent in the car with her, Ambler replied that he didn't really know. "Time stood still," he said.

And as for how he'd describe his hostess on wheels: "Really down to earth, really lovely," says Ambler – who soon found himself in a brand new position: as the target of the paparazzi lenses, for having had a brush with fame.



Anonymous said...

get a life. this human adulation is unreal---celebrities are people with problems and weaknesses just like everyone so why this breathless worship??

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous above. Why is it that we worship these people as if they were supreme beings or something. Get a life indeed.