Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ya'll, I wanna look all classy... like Katie Holmes or somethin'

Britney Spears is attempting to change her style, according to In Touch. She met up with her cousin Alli at Neiman's in Beverly Hills and spent almost $33,000 on designer clothes and accessories.

Brit sat in the VIP area sipping sweet tea while a personal shopper brought over multiple items. Brit instructed her to pull out "the kind of stuff Katie Holmes wears."

Some items she purchased: Pink Chanel Croc Bag $10,950....a Manolo croc shoe $3,100....Armani wool jacket $1,865...a Valentino silk shirt $1,080. Back up. Did she steal a receipt from Katie's trash?

A Brit snitch said, "Britney wants to go from trashy to classy. It's going to be an uphill battle. She's still a country girl at heart." Yeehaw.

In Touch


Hollywood Gossip said...

It's going to be a VERY STEEP uphill battle, for sure.

Anonymous said...

how about "britney wants to go from trashy to classy...." shouldn't it read that way?

gabsmash said...

yes, yes. thank you ANON..

Anonymous said...

She needs to pick a different role model for her "class" transformation. Katie-Robot-Holmes/Cruise is not one to mimic. The girl can't even brush her hair, even after losing a huge chunk of it.