Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Heather supports her ex

Richie Sambora surprised Heather with a call before he entered rehab. Despite their past, she offered her support.

"Heather was shocked by the call," a friend of Heather's told Star. "She'd never heard Richie so out of sorts. He apologized to Heather for 'the mess' he had made of their marriage."

"He said he's had a lot of time to think recently and he regretted hurting her and splitting up their family when their daughter, Ava, needed both her parents."

Word is Heather knew Richie had been having problems. She told him, "You need to confront your issues. She urged him to seek professional treatment – not just for his own sake but for Ava's."

Sambora's problem started to get really bad after he and Heather separated. "I remember a Bon Jovi concert in Florida in February 2006 where Richie was drinking so heavily, we all began to worry that he could have a severe problem," says the friend. "Everyone knew he was devastated. Heather was the love of his life."

The gossip said, "Richie's finally getting the help he needs, and Heather will be there every step of the way."

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