Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Paula tightens up for new boyfriend

Paula Abdul is preparing her bod for her new boyfriend, restaurateur J. T. Torregiani. According to Star, she has a "high tech" secret weapon!

An insider said, "Paula's been getting an allover body procedure called the Titan laser treatment, which tightens up and smoothes out sagging skin to give a more youthful appearance. She's been getting the procedure at the L.A. Laser Center, a chic cosmetic surgery clinic in the San Fernando Valley, and has had at least five Titan treatments in the past. The last time she went in was several months ago – and the results were absolutely amazing!"

The Titan procedure uses an infrared optical light source that heats up the skin’s collagen, causing it to shrink and tighten. It allows patients to obtain a non-surgical face-lift or tummy tuck, with minimal pain and no downtime, for a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery. Prices per session range from $1,250 for the face to $1,500 for the stomach.

"Paula has had Titan treatments on her abdomen, thighs, neck and arms, as well as on her face," the hidden source said. "Each of her treatments lasts about an hour and a half. These procedures don't always work for everyone – but they make Paula glow!"

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