Friday, July 06, 2007

J. K. Rowling talks about the end of Potter

J.K. Rowling says that she broke down and bawled during the completion of her final book in the Harry Potter series.

"When I finished one chapter near the end I absolutely howled," Rowling said. "I was sobbing my heart out, I was in a hotel room on my own. I downed half a bottle of champagne from the mini bar in one and went home with mascara all over my face. That was really tough."

Rowling revealed that she would kill off at least two of the main characters. She also revealed that the character Harry Potter was "totally imaginary" and not based on anyone. "Finishing the book is a relief," she says. "I can feel more relaxed. I felt euphoria, devastated, when I finished one chapter near the end."

The Deathly Hallows is the seventh and final book of the Harry Potter series. More than 325 million copies of the first six books have been sold worldwide, making Rowling the first "billionaire" author.

The author also divulges her inspiration for the main characters. Hermione Granger is a bit like her younger self ("I was quite swotty [nerdy] when I was a kid") and Ron Weasley is "a lot like my oldest friend Sean."

When asked whether the word "scar" was still the last word in the book, as had been reported, she said: "Scar? It was for ages, and now it's not. Scar is quite near the end, but it's not the last word."

The Deathly Hallows hits shelves on July 21 and 1.6 million copies have already been pre-ordered online.

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