Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Diddy leaves his girlfriend

People reports that it's over and out between Diddy and his girl of 10 years, Kim Porter. Porter says she has moved out of the apartment she shared with Combs, and into a new home in Los Angeles with her children.

A rep for Diddy denied that Sienna Miller had anything to do with the split. "There is literally nothing between them," his rep said last week. Porter and Diddy are parents to son Christian, 9, and twin daughters D'Lila Star and Jessie James, born Dec. 21.

Combs told Essence back in December that he had no plans to marry Porter. "I know she deserves to get married, but I'm just not ready," he said. "It's not a reflection on how much I love Kim. It's that I'm just learning how to be a good boyfriend. When I'm finished with this step, I'll move on to the next."



Cheryl said...

She left him. The NY Post knew she moved out before he did. Yesterday his rep was still denying the split..LOL

scorned wife said...

Remember when Sienna Miller was crying about how Jude cheated on her with the nanny even though he left his wife for Sienna. Karma will be a bitch slut!

Erin said...

1. You don't need to be married to be in a healthy relationship, but if you're not ready to make a commitment to someone you shouldn't be bringing kids into it.

2. Sienna Miller is a talentless sow who's been sleeping her way to the top for years. Name one thing she's been in other than "Alfie". Exactly.

Firebabe said...

OMG Poor Mom with twins and all,

dirtygirl said...

To Firebabe:

"Poor" is the last thing that I would call Kim Porter. She has 3 kids with Diddy - with the child support that she'll be getting she will never be poor. She will never have to change a diaper if she so chooses! His other baby mama has 1 kid (with him) and gets about $50,000 a month (I believe). She chose this road. She knew that he would never commit to her. I'm not saying that she deserves to be cheated on, but come on....

Anonymous said...

Diddy? He dont.

Anonymous said...

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