Friday, July 13, 2007

I hate Ugly Betty!

According to In Touch, Jaime Pressly thinks Ugly Betty is a joke. "It bores the hell out of me. I can't stand it," she said. "They're purposefully big-upping the ugly fat girl to make everybody feel great, but it also glamorizes the fact that people are getting plastic surgery because they can. It's really bizarre."

ABC reps had no comment regarding her outburst. Ugly Betty gets almost double the ratings as Jaime's show My Name is Earl.


Anonymous said...

This ho is just jealous Ugly Betty is much better than her show and gets higher ratings. Ugly Betty rocks and will go down as a cult favorite 50 years from now!

Anonymous said...

Doubtful it will be a cult hit, it is typically the underappriciated shows such as My Name is Earl that end up with the clut following.

The Mayor said...

Ugly Betty is lamer than lame; have you ever seen Fred Armisen do "Ugly Betsy" on SNL?
My Name is Earl is fucking brilliant. Ugly Betty is for boring people who love watered-down syrupy crap shows.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those people who really really doesn't get Ugly Betty. I just it hate it, too. I was thinking I was the only one. I really can't stand Desperate Housewifes either.

sketchy mess jeoffory said...

Ugly Betty is a bore. I only turn it on when I need a nap. My Name Is Earl, on the other hand, is genius- due, in large part, to Jamie Pressley.

Anonymous said...

Jaime is great on Earl! I agree, I tried to watch Ugly Betty a couple times; it's horrible, not funny, not clever at all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jaime Pressley, Ugly Betty is annoying and I hate it too. I tried several times to try to watch an entire show, but just couldn't get through it!

My Name is Earl is a well written show that I look forward to watching.

Anonymous said...

Let's get real. Ugly Betty is a f'n terrible show and all you need to do is look at who is producing it. The mental giant Salma Hayek...yikes. Then again Jamie is a glorified B movie actress (I mean Poison Ivy 3, anyone) who got lucky cause she got cast in a show where she is basically playing herself, a trashy country ho!

Anonymous said...

my name is earl is genius
ugly betty is just average

B said...

I love all these "anonymous" replies. They all reek of coming from the same person (cough, Pressley, cough). Betty is genius, pure and simple. It's won multiple awards and is far more realistic than that crap Scientoligist-centric Earl. Anyone can fucking play a hick. ESPECIALLY A HICK LIKE PRESSLEY!!!!

lisaishisonlylove said...

Well I guess I can tell what kind of trailer trash visits this site. You all must be so proud that you dance the ho-down for joy in your filthy overalls & trucker hats!
No sense of style! Hmmm, I feel sorry for you all.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think Ugly Betty is funny, they always make fun of ugly and fat people, which should always be the case. I enjoy watching abunch of vain and shallow people poke fun of the fugs in the world. My name is Earl is a piece of crap! It makes sense that some people like it though, because people laugh at un-funny people like Larry the Cable Guy. At least Ugly Betty has context behind it's jokes, My Name is Earl is just the same thing over and over.

Anonymous said...

Earl was better in the first season, before all the gratuitous skankiness. But I still watch occasionally. Presley is funny, whether or not she's typecast. That's just good casting if you ask me. Crabman is the bomb.

Betty I can't sit through at all, unless I'm going to get a look at Salma's boobs or the chick that plays Betty's sister. Otherwise it's a snore.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Ugly Betty or her show. Not much on TV anymore, so I stick with movies of MY choice. I don't like the idea of glamorizing someone that is ugly & fat though.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! Ugly Betty is not funny AT ALL!

RosePetal said...

Jaime is actually from a town that is 20 minutes away from my hometown. She is NOT country trash, the town is actually very nice, just small. It offends me that just because someone is from the South people just assume we are all trailer trash, inbreeding hicks.

BTW, I do not think Ugly Betty is a good show either. Most really good shows don't seem to get good ratings these days it seems. Look at Arrested Development!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ugly Betty and My Name is Earl are both horrible shows. If she should be jealous of anyone's ratings it would be The Office. Now there's a brilliant show.

Anonymous said...

"...Ugly Betty is far more realistic than that crap."

Yikes, what kind of reality are you living in? heh. Anyway, I understand where she's coming from. I personally enjoy both shows and I do feel her comments are unecessary. But come on, get personally offended for one persons opinion...on a TV show?! Sad, sad, sad.

Marianne said...

I agree with Jamie. My Name is Earl is so much funnier than Betty.

Joei said...

Has anyone here ever watched "Betty la Fea" on Telenovela? Cause that Betty actually earns the title of the show. America Ferrera is a pretty normal looking, average sized woman. The American version just threw on some glasses, braces and a weird looking expression. Doesn't anyone else think it's weird that Americans can't accept a truly ugly person to play the role of an ugly person?

Erin said...

I agree with her. "Ugly Betty" is boring as hell - it's just a Mexican soap...those are's a joke...I can't believe it's gotten as much attention as it has.

cio cio san said...

i agree with joei... it's like when they used white people to play black people (using makeup) or mickey rooney to play the stereotypical japanese man in breakfast at tiffany's... everyone knows america ferrera is actually quite pretty. television execs believe they know what people want to see, but they don't understand that sometimes we actually do want to see reality reflected on the screen. there are very few shows that are realistic at all.

Anonymous said...

She's right. Ugly Betty is a bore and I only watched it for Mark and her nephew. My Name is Earl is hilarious shit. And her character is one of the most funny character out there. Reminds me of Britney Spears. Pure white trash.

Anonymous said...

Actually geniuses the original Betty isn't from Mexico but Colombia. And the one who plays her in the Mexican telenovela is also attractive, they just make her up to look like a beast.
And I have to say that there isn't a bit of character development or much of a story arc in Earl. I mean, come on after the first season of him and his damn list, it just gets old after awhile and loses its appeal. If a show doesn't have any growth from the characters or anything continuous happening on a weekly basis to keep you watching to see what happens, it's not going to last long....sorry.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. "Betty" is so stupid that it must be for tweeners.

Anonymous said...

fact; ugly betty is a very boring show.

fact; ugly betty is so unoriginal that it can´t be compared to a great show like My name is Earl. It´s entirely based on the movie The Devil wears Prada.

fact; ugly betty is only popular because people want to be politically correct. I´m sure that no-one likes it for real, not even Salma Hayek.

fact; the characters on Ugly Betty are a mess, they are not funny, nothing funny ever happens to them and nothing that they do or say makes sense, the senselessness of the whole show isn´t even cool or funny, it just makes me feel bad for everyone that thinks this is good. It´s the most worthless tv experience I´ve ever had - because I know many people are convincing themselves that watching this crap is worth it.

fact; the music that is always playing in the background on ugly betty makes me want to kill. I´d start with Salma Hayek, whom I actually quite liked.

fact; Jamie Pressly is fun and talented, the Betty actress could be too but the show is so horrible that I can´t really tell.

fact; watching ugly betty makes people stupid and boring.

My name is Anna Simone and I proudly take a stand with Jamie - Ugly Betty needs to be stopped.

Anonymous said...

Ugly Betty is wonderfully realistic. It is a portrait of how most normal/average women feel in the glammed up world of high fashion. Look around in the real world... outside of Hollywood and other snobvilles. There are plenty of "Betty's" out there making a difference and not dying of mortification because they are not size 2 and outwardly gorgeous. Look at your moms, sisters and grandmothers... are they all fashion plates? I bet not... they are the foundation of of the world... the ones who have normal lives... who shop at Big Box Stores... there are more of them than there are of you snobby airheads. That is what the show is trying to get across to you. That they have worth, can offer love and friendship, can be smart and funny and feel things as deeply as you do, rather it be love or anquish or humiliation from your condescending glances and caustic comments. Now go change the air in your head and take another look at the world and see that the not so beautiful people are here to stay and you should look at what they have to offer.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Jaime Presley. Ugly Betty SUCKS the big one. It's all hype. It is boring as hell.

Anonymous said...

Isn't obvious that the only reason she's dissing ugly betty is because UB is on during my name is earl and is kicking earl's butt in the ratings. I use to watch Earl until betty came on and now I don't give a crap about earl. And another thing, their not glamorizing plastic surgey. They want to show how stupid and superficial the fashion and media industry is. Ugly betty is a great show with a great message. Finally young girls have someone who is strong, positive and smart to look up to. Now they won't have to look up to people like paris, jessica and britney, who are stupid skanks.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow. People are stupid.

Anyway. Why does this have to be a UB VS. MNIE war? Both shows are very witty and sharply funny in distinct ways. I love Jamie on 'Earl' but am kind of surprised by her comment. Oh well, C'est la vie. I continue to watch and thoroughly enjoy both shows.

Anonymous said...

UB is UGH.

Souljagir said...

Wow, what "Haters" people are. I LUV me some Ugly Betty and Deperate Housewives and Will & Grace and Sunset Tan, and The Girls Next door Oh and Sex In THe City. Then I guess only the Hater's would hate Ugly Betty, if they were too literal in their everyday life Ugh, Jamie get some business as if making a mockery of that hill billy of a show is any better.

Anonymous said...

My name is earl rules!
writing from Athens europe! watching it on a freedownload page! it absolutely rules.
UB is very boring i agree!
greetings !!!

iamsmart said...

The only people who like Fugly Betty are just that...nasty in the face, and giant in the waist. It's depressing that the population of the U.S is so full of middle aged, 300 pound single women that a show as devoid of humor and intresting plot lines can be a hit. My Name Is Earl is hilarious, though not as good as it's fellow Thursday night show, The Office.

Kasper Hauser said...

You can take your shallow, insipid little "Stupid Betty" or whatever. i tried to watch it twice and could not get to the first commercial break either time.

"My Name is Earl" is a pretty good show--a lot of heart and humor and humanity.

And Jamie-Lee Pressley is beautifully cast in that role...unlike the idiot who plays stupid Betsy. I wouldn't do her on a Thursday and I'm sure as hell not going to watch her on a Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't say the show sucks or is stupid or whatever, because I never watched it. From what I've heard, I guess it has a good message but I'm getting rather sick of the whole make every good-message movie/show have a fat girl to make people feel better. Did anyone ever imagine how dumb those shows would be for people who AREN'T fat?

Anonymous said...

Ugly betty is muuuch better than earl. I forced myself to go through 4 episodes to see what all the hype was about, but it was literal torture. The bad writing, boring plot, and lack of humor and wit make for a grotesquely overated show. The original premise wasn't bad but ended up horribly implimented.

Anonymous said...

As far as Betty's ugly ass goes.
thank GOD for pirated cable and a remote.

Anonymous said...

B.S. I just saw Ugly Betty tonight and one of the lead actresses was in a fat suit which is the modern-day equivalent to blackface. She went from a size 18 down to a size 6? That's 20 pounds loss. On what planet, Mars? Why do these hyporcrite bitches like her and Star Jones honestly expect us to believe them? I have lost all interest in her and her stupid show. I'm telling everyone I know to boycott it! I agree with Jaime Pressley. After watching Ugly Betty, I was VERY disappointed. But I'm glad this happened because I have better things to do with my time!

Anonymous said...

10. The show, like most American shows, is increasingly becoming
out of touch with reality. Last season, the same characters that
we cheered for being from different backgrounds, nationalities,
social classes, and even sexual orientations, this year have become
a bunch of shallow, egotistical whiny babies. We loved to hate them
last year but this year we just hate them!

09. When was the last time that ABC had a hit show that featured
normal-looking people and not the "beautiful" people? And no,
Gray's Barftomy doesn't count either! When your show has more

bitch-fests than The View, it’s time to hand in the towel.

08. We can almost predict what is going to happen before it does.
This is why we always knew what was happening on Friends, even
though we never watched the show. Just by tuning into a couple
of previews, we have the entire season down pat.

07. Ugly Betty is too damn sappy. Their opening scenes with the Spanish-
language soap operas, the awkward dialogue and the stilted body
movements are embarrassing to see in the second season. (Come

on writers, we know with your six-figure salaries you can afford

a class on dialogue or Stephen King’s classic book On Writing.) We

all love a good show that ends with a happy ending but a sappy ending is too

cartoonish and suggests that the audience is too dumb to appreciate

a realistic or unhappy or even a normal ending.

06. It's not as original as The Office(nor does Ugly Betty
have staying power. Think Punky Brewster). In fact, the jokes are
becoming more recycled diatribes of watered-down episodes of
Jerry Springer in his glory days than laugh-out loud (or even
insightful) funny.

05. Selma Hayek went from starring in Frida to producing this?
(She need to hook up with Sandra Bullock who produces The
George Lopez show!)

04. America Ferrara is starting to look less like Ugly Betty
and more like Glam Betty. We don't have a problem with that
but then it goes against the whole premise of the show.
(Then again, ABC does have a tendency to try dumb down their
audience. *cough* Less than Perfect *cough cough*)

03. Ugly Betty celebrates plastic surgery for the purposes of vanity
and superficiality but it's called Ugly Betty. Someone very
graciously reminded us that we cannot say that we should accept
ourselves for whom we are and still get plastic surgery unless
it's life-threatening.

02. Fat suits. Obesity is a touchy subject but dressing
up thin actresses in fat suits and then having them
binge eat to in order to promote stereotypes
is downright cruel and shows how Ugly the show really
is (and how glad we are that we decided to stop watching
the show). We also hear that Victoria Beckham's ugly
ass is getting ready to don a fat suit. In order to show
how ugly the show thinks fat people are. *yawns* If Victoria

Beckham really wants to gain our attention, why not pull a

Mel B(Scary Spice) and have a baby by Eddie Murphy?

Maybe he can teach her how to keep her husband from fooling

around. Marilyn Monroe she'll never be! (And have you

noticed that minorities featured on the shows are also

subtle stereotypes? Black women are loud. {Sorry Lorraine

Toussaint. S. Epatha Merkerson's braids are much cooler!}

Latinos are illegal immigrants. Secretary is a dumb blonde.

Another character is gay and feminine. Things that make you

go hmmm . . .)

01. And the number reason why we hate Ugly Betty:

We found nine reasons why we hated the show.
No but the real reason we stopped watching it:
People from around the world watching the show
will think this is all Americans have to offer!
Think 50 years from now, do we really want future
generations to believe that this is how we thought,
acted, behaved on t.v?

Anonymous said...

Ugly Betty is obnoxious as hell...that chick is fat and ugly and the show is incredibly stupid!!!!

Haggis Mcgee said...

I love BOTH shows. I record one and watch the other, then catch up later. I think you people who "hate" one while you "love" the other, are close minded. I'd also think that we Latinos should be happy that we have some powerhouse talent represented behind the scenes of BOTH shows. Show some pride, tontos. I think it's pretty hypocritical that Jamie P. is ripping the representation of the fashion industry in Ugly Betty when she started her career off modeling for fashion magazines. That is really petty and small of her to do. Her show is plenty successful, and from what I saw of her house on MTV Cribs, the bitch ain't hurting for wealth or success on any level.


ugly betty is mad stupid... not only is the show annoying but very stupid. I gotta give them credit though that girl was one ugly ugly ugly girl. i see her and i through up in my mouth everytime.

Anonymous said...

Look. Ugly Betty is the lamest show of almost all the shows out. seems like it was a 2 page story stretched over the course of a season with a watered down dragged out borefest of a cast. If you want realistic shows...i suggest not watching tv. this is the playground for creative show makers & i give alot of respect to those paving new roads...good job my name is earl. & you need to be more ugly....betty!

Anonymous said...

look, ugly betty is for ugly and lonely people, just by looking at her face, i already feel violated and disgusted, such freak of nature shouldnt be allows on tv, the show is just crap, retard story for retards, repeative lame jokes and making fun of fat ugly betty is just so cliche.. how many times do they have to repeat tat??

i fail to understands there are retards still entertains by such foult dog crap?

look i'm speaking as a non fan of my name is earl or any other show, i JUST DISLIKE UGLY BITCH RETARD CHARACTERS IN A RETARD SERIES. its insulting to air on tv. i just wish i havent watch ugly betty before it just traumatize my life and scar my brains forever.

please stop airing junk... it kills our brains...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Holy Shit Ugly Betty is one of the most absur shows on telly. it doesn't make sense, she's saved that sorry ass mag more times than I care to remember and still is a broke ass Mexican. Why can't she get a promotion? Why does she have to go above and beyond the call of duty to do the right thing even when it's wrong? Lying about telling about the Christmas issue. Bollox.
Just cause she's fat doesn't mean she can't run a brush through her hair or stop stealling clothes from the church donation. FFS her trashy sister doesn't dress like that. Give a bitch some tips.
I hate this fucking show!
The stupidity that takes place on that show is mind boggling.
My name is earl was good at first, then it got really tired. Jamie Presley is gorgeous though, love the Seargent Slaughter jaw line.

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit Ugly Betty is one of the most absur shows on telly. it doesn't make sense, she's saved that sorry ass mag more times than I care to remember and still is a broke ass Mexican. Why can't she get a promotion? Why does she have to go above and beyond the call of duty to do the right thing even when it's wrong? Lying about telling about the Christmas issue. Bollox.
Just cause she's fat doesn't mean she can't run a brush through her hair or stop stealling clothes from the church donation. FFS her trashy sister doesn't dress like that. Give a bitch some tips.
I hate this fucking show!
The stupidity that takes place on that show is mind boggling.
My name is earl was good at first, then it got really tired. Jamie Presley is gorgeous though, love the Seargent Slaughter jaw line.

Anonymous said...

Ugly Betty was originally a Colombian soap "Yo soy Betty, la fea." The original aired every day for about 2 years with a beginning, middle and end. It was a romantic soap opera, and although I don't like soaps, this one was worth watching. The American version is pure crap and has nothing to do with the original version. If you understand Spanish, I recommend you watch the original.

Anonymous said...

Ugly Betty is crappy, why?
Because it doesn't follow the storyline from the original which is what made the original one so addicting and worth watching, and plus; Ugly Betty is not funny whatsoever, it's a bore like other people said. The American version may be crap.. but the Colombian one definately isn't... I love it, it's one of my favorite soap operas up to this day.

I've watched Ugly Betty and I've totally spaced off while doing so.. it's not funny and it's not even gonna follow the original storyline.. so what's the point?
And the American Betty is always having cute guys fall in love with her, puh-lease.. not realistic whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

i don't like ugly betty too. I hate it. I think this show offends ugly girls. why do people continute to laught at ugly girls??? They are human-beings just like us. They also have feelings. Think of how sorrowful they are when all the society is laughing at them ???

Anonymous said...

Ugly Betty is the biggest fucking retard ever, she lets everyone walk over her THE STUPID BITCH EVEN LETS that slut Amanda character stay with her AND AMANDA IS ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO FUCKING BULLIES HER


Anonymous said...

You know what I think Ugly Betty is cool and My Name Is Earl too, but you need to what you need to stop bitching around and stop being so jealous about each others shows and stop being idiots.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why everyone is fighting over two shows that are completely different. People have different tastes and by saying that Jaime Pressly is no less than a child >_>

Anonymous said...

Oh My God!!!! Seems to me that people who like My Name is Earl are as white trash as the characters, and maybe the actors themselves. I Somewhat like Ugly Betty, in fact; I've come to like all the characters but Betty's. I think the character is too Mexican for the show, they make her look so awkward. Cheers!!!!

Anonymous said...

ugly bettty is crap and i'll tell you why , it's a rip off , if oyu saw the original you would be like wow, the colombian one is so much better , the end is great, if the american ugly betty had a make over she would still be a little fat girl. i don't see the point of it.

Anonymous said...

ugly bettty is crap and i'll tell you why , it's a rip off , if oyu saw the original you would be like wow, the colombian one is so much better , the end is great, if the american ugly betty had a make over she would still be a little fat girl. i don't see the point of it.

Anonymous said...

ugly bettty is crap and i'll tell you why , it's a rip off , if oyu saw the original you would be like wow, the colombian one is so much better , the end is great, if the american ugly betty had a make over she would still be a little fat girl. i don't see the point of it.

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Anonymous said...

Ugly Betty sucks, bad actors, lame jokes and the whole "at the end of the day" crap. Overall without any acting/film history i can without a doubt tell you i could make a better show with my mobile phone camera since am so skilled and have loads of talent unlike most people, am just great in every way you can think about. My mummy said so!

Anonymous said...

Ugly Betty is a joke.
Almost every single episode she has a 'new start.' Then she does these stupid facial expression, it looks like she letting out farts constantly.
The only reason I watch it is for Mark and Amanda, they are classic.

Anonymous said...

never ever watched an episode of ugly betty. i used to have 'earl' on the tv for background noise. when i would watch the show, it was horrible. damn scientology actors.

Anonymous said...

The only reason that horrid show gets the ratings it does is because people are forced to watch it while looking for something good on. If it was on any other channel besides TV guide, it would have been cancelled long ago. My name is Earl is a freaking genius, clever show with a good message. Ugly betty is for fashion obsessed dips**ts.

Anonymous said...

wow anyone who thinks Ugly betty is realistic must live a sad pathetic life. It is beyond annoying and is offensive to the 9th degree. There are just no words to desribe the vileness of this show. Ugly betty was such trash and anyone who liked it well I guess it just means you are drawn to gutter trash.

Chuck Norris said...

Realistic my ass. It's the most unrealistic garbage put on tv ever. Tell me this, what part of the show is realistic?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love the show but dislike Betty
she makes everything complicated
and all she does is babble
believe it or not she is spoiled!
hence she wants everything her way!
I watch this show for everyone BUT Betty,and her clothes are so obviously tacky
In the beginning I like her character but now, shes just blah everything!

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