Thursday, July 14, 2005

Celeb quote of the day

"I once went to a girl's house and she had every book that you're supposed to have read. I looked at the spines and not a single one of them was cracked. It was like jewelry."

Zach Braff


neal gardner said...

once i saw a movie with a catchy title, great cast, and amazing soundtrack. i can't remember what it was about but it seemed highly, highly derivative.

sometimes it's best to not open the book at all.

on the other hand, people who don't read are ignorant dumbasses.

stick to scrubs, zach, and stop trying to hook up with college girls who keep books that their ex-boyfriends told them were really, really deep.

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

That's a riot!

gabsmash said...

glitter...glad i could repay you in the laughing dept!!

gabsmash said...

neal...that is my fav. post so far

neal gardner said...

and this is my fav blog!

it's kinda like vh1's Best Week Ever.

but different. we're not on vh1. and i'm not getting busy miss info. she's hawt.