Friday, July 01, 2005

Grand Opening of Rokbar Hollywood

Courtney Love...bless her heart.

Carmen Electra

Dave Navarro

Pam Anderson & Tommy Lee

Head banging Rokbar girls..eeek!


karen said...

on courtney love....there's nothing scarier than a clown

shrimpfriedrice said...

Yes . . . a naked clown is scarier!

I64eiteewsS said...

Cow is the first thing that came to my mind... that is one nasty woman.

Michael Paul said...

Have some mercy on her or you may end up just like her!!!! LOL!! She should get out of the spotlight and into a body rehab next.

ethans_mommy_1905 said...

omg put down the cheetos and pork rinds. what the hell happened to her. eeewwww.