Monday, July 25, 2005

Joss Stone fired from Gap for being a perv

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Joss Stone was fired from all the Gap ads for having "an affair with an older man." Huh?? Apparently she moved in with her 25 year old lover, music producer Beau Dozier, last year when she was still seventeen.

Well, she is eighteen now. Still, the Gap people don't like it. A source said, "People take things such as the age of consent extremely seriously. It is all good and well to have glamorous celebrities endorsing the clothes- but the backbone of Gap's business is in small towns in middle America where people are very, very conservative, especially in the Bible Belt".

Why now? Pic's are appearing of her kissing the old man. Gap sources deny all of this was the reason they dropped her.


neal gardner said...

while on the subject of raping underaged girls, doesn't the gap run asian sweatshops?

pot... kettle.

Anonymous said...

The GAP knew this before they finalized the papers. My guess is they are regretting hiring her as no one here knows who she is, even after the ad blitz. Also, firing a 40 year old and replacing her with a 17 year old to sell the same clothing does not sit well with female customers of either age group.

neal gardner said...

next time, they might as well use an aborted baby seal fetus. no one's paying attention.

Anonymous said...

neal, was that necessary?

Anonymous said...

her boyfriend is black too. nothing like an interracial relationship to get "rape" fantasies going.

Anonymous said...

now that was unnecessary.

who cares about that anyway.

thats what he gets for fucking with one.

Anonymous said...

My gosh, if Gap's going to let the Bible belt determine their marketing strategy, it's all over.
And now, Jerry Falwell for Gap low riders - ha ha!