Saturday, July 09, 2005

Oprah...that will show em'

Here's something entertaining: Oprah is having a garage sale and selling everything Hermes in her whole house. Sigh..."Oprah once loved Hermes, she spent millions there," her friend said. Those beautiful days are gone.

Back in June Oprah arrived at the Paris Hermes 15 minutes after they were closed. She was shut down at the door. She just can't get over it. Let it go! Unclench!

She is selling all items Hermes and donating the money to charities that fight racism. Scarves usually run around $400 and a Birkin handbag as much as $20,000.

In addition to this madness, Oprah has been offered $1 million to appear in an ad for Louis Vuitton. POW.

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x said...

Oprah needs to get over herself. The store was closed. CLOSED. Let it go. Crap, most of us won't get let in those places when they're open!