Friday, July 08, 2005

Rockstar: INXS

I still can't believe they are actually doing this one. From the creator of "Survivor" comes this new reality show. Dave Navarro and Brooke Burke host the "American Idol with an edge" type deal.

The show follows 15 singers three nights a week on a 13 week gig to become the new front man, or woman, for the old school rock band INXS.

Navarro said, "These kids are rockers that have paid their dues, toured in small vans, some have been homeless and others sang on Broadway."

The contestants were hand picked by INXS after a worldwide search.


Chick said...

Picking a singer to replace a guy who killed himself?

Tacky? In bad taste? Shameful?

Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Obviously the “old band” wants to get bak together or needs the money.. A band is more than one member.. Why should they have to suffer because of the singer not being able to keep it under control? More power to them.. (Even though they will never be as good as they were.) HFreak

staci said...

Why couldn't this band just go down in history with some pride?

AllyCat said...

Gotta love Dave Navarro

j.h. said...

no matter how tacky or bad the show is, i would watch it just to see dave!

steelinakiss said...

LOVE this show! Great music, I'm addicted!