Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sandra & Jessie's wedding

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Sandra & Jessie were married earlier this month and they had quite the eccentric nuptial. James "roared" up to the ceremony in a monster truck and Sandra wore white satin cowboy boots with her gown. "Jessie was driving really fast. At one point he took a corner on two wheels, " a witness said.

The wedding was western themed on a 330 acre ranch with an unusual celeb list. William Shatner, Hugh Grant and lead Metallica dude James Hatfield to name a few. Hatfield hung out with Jessie's "tatooed biker pals."

Instead of gifts, the cool couple asked guests to make donations to The Red Cross.

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neal gardner said...

the priest wore leather biker chaps.
assless, of course.

btw-thx for listening to my latest track; i appreciate it!!

Michael Paul said...

I wonder if they had Will Shatner sing at the wedding? THat would have been funny.

gabsmash said... is very cool. ya'll check it out at

Vermont Neighbor said...

Neal has a pretty amazing wit. I do want to check out his site. Sandra seems like a great lady and Jessie is just the wildman she needs. And, very classy gesture about the wedding gifts. Even Tori Spelling didn't do that. Way to go Sandy and Jessie!