Thursday, August 10, 2006

Gabs starts "OTD one year ago"

I thought it would kick it up if we went back each day, exactly one year ago and check out some of the celeb shenanigans that were going on. Our first "On this day" is your favorite... Lohan. She said, "I'm not going to deny the fact that I've tried pot. I hated it".

Lohan also gagged on her father's impact, "I'd never try cocaine. I've seen my father. I've seen how it messes families up If I hadn't experienced that, I may have gone down a different route but I've seen how it literally tore my parents apart".

And don't forget: "I am not anorexic trust me - my mother would kill me if I did anything stupid."

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1 comment:

d mumsie said...

all those pictures of her in a bikini and bikini boxing prove she is definately eating healthy.