Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Hey DOG....Shut the f*ck up!!"

Mel Griffith isn't into the tiny dog thing. She was holding a cute, little Pomeranian in her lap for a scene in her fall CBS show when she freaked.

This week's Enquirer says, "In her shrill, childlike voice, she kept shouting 'shut up!' at the little dog. The cast and crew thought the dog was just the sweetest thing, and it was shocking to hear her yell at a helpless animal."

The innocent pup was apparently growling at a horse on the set. "At first, Melanie sounded like she was yelling at a person, but the crew soon realized that her persistent 'shut ups!' were aimed at the dog," the source said.

"Melanie didn't even bother to learn the little guy's name. She just kept referring to him as 'hey dog!'"....ruff.

National Enquirer

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