Friday, August 10, 2007

Winehouse...They made me go to rehab!

Amy Winehouse has checked herself into rehab after a suspected drugs overdose earlier this week. The Daily Mail reports Amy is at The Priory in Roehampton after her Lohan lifestyle "finally took its toll."

She is said to be at the Priory in a private wing of the hospital today, surrounded by her family and friends.

Sources say Amy went on a three day bender mixing a dangerous cocktail of drugs and alcohol (ecstasy, cocaine and ketamine, mixed with vodka, whisky and lager) causing an overdose. Oops, she forgot heroin.

Amy's husband, Blake Fielder- Civil, and her parents Mitchell and Janis, who separated when she was nine, are said to be with her and a security guard is posted outside, checking people as they go in and out.

A source said, "She looked like a zombie — white as a sheet and trembling. And I'll never forget her eyes. They were dead, like a shark. Even Amy says she will be dead within one year."

Daily Mail/Wenn

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