Monday, August 20, 2007

Mr. Yearwood is back

Garth Brooks is ready for his comeback, seven years after his retirement. Garth decided to stop touring and recording back in 2000, but he has changed his mind. He's starting out with a new single and a greatest hits collection, which includes three new tracks, coming out later this year.

Brooks says, "Sure I'm scared to death - I'm rusty and I've seen these young guys. But I'm a competitor and when it's game day you start competing. Keith Urban is a beautiful guy, and he's just one of about 50 guys out there I'll have to face this fall so if you don't bring your A game you're going to get run over. And I'm Mr. Yearwood now so I want to make her proud."

Garth has no plans to tour and says he may sneak back into retirement after the new material is released. He says, "We'll go back to what I was doing before and sit on our butts for a while after the promo work for the new album is complete."

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