Friday, August 24, 2007

Posh...ready for fourth baby

Victoria Beckham says that now that she has settled down in her new place in Cali, she's all ready for another kid.

"We'd like to have another - maybe next year. He or she might be lucky enough to have dual nationality."

Victoria said Madrid was "lovely", but the couple didn't have any friends. "Here I have people I can pop round to see. Katie's a really good friend, as is Eva Longoria - it makes settling in a whole lot easier," she said.

Baby time will happen after her big flop of a tour. "Emma, Mel C and Geri are moving over here in a few weeks to join Mel B and myself so we can start the rehearsals properly," she said.

"I really don't like the gym, in fact I can't stand it," she said. "Maybe it's the whole getting sweaty thing, but it's just not me. I tried cycling in Spain but maybe my bum's too small as it just wasn't comfortable."

"I want to get fit, though, so I'm exploring some different options. I like what I've heard about Pilates - just sitting in a room, stretching and breathing. Sounds much more civilized."

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