Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tomkat? Big whoop.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were turned away from the Byblos Hotel's Caves Du Roi club in St. Tropez last week. Sorry, Diddy was already there partying away.

Bouncers refused to let Tom and Katie into the club when they arrived. A member of Tom's security said, "Are you serious? It's Tom Cruise."

A club source explained, "The VIP area was full and the management weren't willing to move the guests already there to make room for Tom. It wouldn't have been fair - they'd spent a fortune."

A hotel spokeswoman added, "It would have been dangerous to allow any more people in - no matter who they were."

Tom and Katie are said to have stormed off, making their way to the VIP Room club (above) where owner Jean Roch immediately gave them their own table.

A lurker said, "Tom looked really out of place among all the clubbers with glowsticks dancing away to house tunes. He sat there tapping his foot nervously to the music and couldn't get out of there fast enough." You know he was waving his cell phone in the air

Female First/ Photo: Celeb Dirty Laundry

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