Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Madonna is adopting a brand new orphan

Madonna is adopting a little sister for baby David. Rumor is Madge has been given permission to take a 13-month-old Malawian orphan named Mercy.

Madonna met little Mercy at the Kondanani Orphan Care Centre last October. She will fill papers next February and bring Mercy home in April.

A source said, "Madonna's over the moon that she's been told she can take Mercy. She didn't want another complicated adoption."

"Mercy is a beautiful baby girl. She's so joyful and happy and giggles every time she's picked up. Madonna just loves the way she claps her hands and laughs constantly. She has huge, dancing eyes. Madonna calls her her smiling angel."


Anonymous said...

That happy joyous attitude won't last long once the child is adopted by Mommy Dearest.

nadaz said...

awww so pleased for madonna n guy! this baby is defo goin 2 the best home in the world.

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