Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rowling loses fight over son's photo

JK Rowling has lost a battle in London's High Court to ban the publication of a picture of her son David. He was photographed at the age of 20 months in Edinburgh, Scotland along with her- the photo was printed by the Sunday Express.

Rowling claimed the child's right to privacy was infringed and sued the newspaper and the agency that provided the picture, in the attempt to stop future publication.

Yesterday, the judge said that the law did not provide celebrities with "a press-free zone for their children in respect of absolutely everything they choose to do."

Rowling and her husband Neil Murray said they were, "Disappointed by the judgement, which seems to have misunderstood our claim."

"Our aim has only been to protect our children from press intrusion during their childhood. We see no legitimate reason why, as in this case, David, who was less than two years of age at the time, should have his photograph taken and then published in the press."

"We take his, and that of his siblings, privacy and safety very seriously." Rowling says she will appeal.

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