Monday, August 27, 2007

Owen Wilson hospitalized after attempted suicide?

Owen Wilson was reportedly hospitalized yesterday in Santa Monica, Calif., after being treated at his home by EMTs, according to Fox.

Tabloids are claiming Wilson was transported by ambulance to nearby St. John's Health Center after "cutting his left wrist and taking an undetermined number of pills."

Wilson was discovered at his home by his brother Andrew, who made the 911 call for help. Owen's brother, Luke, was seen leaving Cedars Sinai Sunday night with brother Andrew. His parents also allegedly visited him at the hospital.

According to The Enquirer, "Owen Wilson has now been transferred from St. John's to another Los Angeles area hospital. His brothers Andrew and Luke are with him."

"Andrew found him after the suicide attempt and called an ambulance. Both of Owen's wrists were slashed superficially and Owen had taken an overdose of pills."

"Owen was found with a nearly empty bottle of pills next to him. He was at his house in Santa Monica."

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