Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Amy Crackhouse on video

Amy Winehouse stars in a new video....snorting coke and smoking crack. Oh, and she swallowed about 6 valium to bring her down. Wow.

The Sun reveals a home video of Amy in a dimly lit bedroom, talking to unseen 'friends' as she loads a glass pipe with crack rocks. She fires it up and inhales deeply several times. She is shown wandering around her house barefoot, while warned to watch out for broken glass.

At one point, Amy accuses a guest of taking her cat from a quiet room into the loud party. She says, "If I was that cat I'd leave on my own accord — I'd call a cab. It ain't right. This ain't Toys R Us. They took my cat."

A friend tells The Sun, "Amy is locked in a nosedive towards oblivion — she is killing herself. The video shows a woman completely out of control. Amy is looking ill and dirty, and is so thin you wonder how much more she can take. She MUST get help."

Watch the video here


SFR said...

What? Toys R Us? Huh?

Anonymous said...

And this is a surprise to who exactly? With any luck, she'll do herself in sooner than later. Oh No! they'll all cry- such talent wasted... Oh Give It Up Already! She's nothing but fodder for tabloids & media chum. amy crackhouse needs to be put out of OUR misery.

just my 2 cents.