Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh, Britney says that Britney Spears showed up at a Mercedes dealership last week with her photog boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib. "They came in to get an estimate for a new car for him," a sales rep told People. "He drives a rental car now. ... He was looking into the different lease and purchase options for sport cars." Is he working Britney that fast?

"By the time they started talking business, Spears had covered up with a trench coat," the sales associate said. "She didn't talk at all and it didn't seem like she was getting the car for him."

The weird part? Britney was wearing the same dress that she wore back in her 2004 weddingto Kevin Federline. Who does that? Brit has been acting more strange than usual, even for her. She flipped out on paparazzi over the weekend, screaming "Leave me the f*ck alone" and "I'm f*cking over it!" She was also talking in a British accent.

Do you honestly think she will show up to the custody hearing today? She probably ran off with that photographer. They say it's imperative that Britney shows up and she has been "strongly advised" to attend. TMZ just reported the commissioner will wait all day for her to arrive if needed. She is expected to address the whole stand off situation and try to persuade the court why she should have some visitation. Watch TMZ for a live stream at the courthouse. Federline and his attorney have arrived. There is no way she will

UPDATE: Britney did not show up, she will not have visitation. The matter will be addressed on February 19, the date of the next scheduled hearing.

People/Tmz/Image: New Age Rock


SFR said...

Thank you Brit . . . I think you are speaking for all of us when you say you are fecking over it!! WE ARE TOO!

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