Thursday, January 03, 2008

"Katie's extremely seductive...."

Diane Keaton talks about why men scare her, her looks, and reasons for waiting until 50 to be a mom, in the February issue of Ladies Home Journal.

Diane says that she enjoyed Suri Cruise while working on Mad Money with Katie Holmes. "Suri would come occasionally to the set and she's this beautiful, compelling child. She's very alive in the way that Tom is, and she's seductive like Katie. Katie's extremely seductive. I always feel like Katie pulls you to her," Diane said. Forget Suri, I want to hang with Queen Latifah!

Ladies Home Journal on stands January 8


Anonymous said...

Children aren't extremely seductive they are charming and agreeable.. Man! Diane's brain is messed up and strange.

Time4aPRN said...

I'm pleased Diane finds Suri 'compelling'.

Now there's hope Suri can compel Diane to seek professional help.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying that, Anonymous. Saying a child is seductive, even if in an innocent context, is just wrong. Terribly wrong.

Anonymous said...

time4aprn, that was hilarious. But seriously, you are right. Diane Keaton made an idiot of herself with that comment. Kids are cute not friggin compelling. Someone give Diane a thesaurus please. She's just the perfect example of someone who likes to use big words but has no idea what they mean.

Anonymous said...

Everybody needs to take out their thesaurus. When something is seductive or compelling it doesn't mean it is "sexual" or "wrong". It means it attracts you in some way. It draws you in. There are many things that attract and compel us. It doesn't mean we want to have sex with it.