Thursday, January 31, 2008

What is shexay?

So who exactly is the sexiest couple? Sexiest legs? Victoria's Secret has announced the winners for their 2008 "What is Sexy?" list

E! and Ryan Seacrest Productions have teamed up with Victoria's Secret for a one-hour special, "Victoria's Secret: What is Sexy? 2008" airing Saturday, February 9th on E! at 5/4c.

Interesting. Ryan Seacrest is actually on the list. What the hell? Seacrest was named "Sexiest Smile" by himself. Nice coincidence. Check it:

Sexiest Male Athlete: Tony Romo
Sexiest Couple: Fergie and Josh Duhamel
Sexiest Style: Scarlett Johansson
Sexiest Smile: Ryan Seacrest
Sexiest Lips: Jessica Biel
Sexiest Actress: Eva Mendes
Sexiest Actor: Eric Bana
Sexiest Female Musician: Rihanna
Sexiest Male Musician: Chris Brown
Sexiest Cast: Dirty Sexy Money
Sexiest Newcomer: Blake Lively
Sexiest Newlyweds: Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelly
Sexiest Eyes: Kate Bosworth
Sexiest Legs: Ali Larter
Sexiest Mom: Victoria Beckham
Sexiest Dad: Justin Chambers
Sexiest Funnyman: Dane Cook
Sexiest Beach Body: Josh Holloway



sfr said...

Romo? Are you serious?

gabsmash said...

No kidding? I vote Sidney Crosby.

sfr said...

Mmmmmm hockey.

gabsmash said...

Mmmmm firemen.

gabsmash said...

pathetic penguins.

sfr said...

Hockey penguins or little angry penguins?