Monday, January 28, 2008

The reason Romo dumped Jessica.....

According to The Enquirer, Tony Romo broke it off with Jessica Simpson because he is all ready to propose to his college sweetheart! But don't say anything....

The mag claims that the whole time Jessica and Tony were "dating" he was
two-timing her with Crystal Kasper, a 25-year-old optometrist (that happens to look like an Underwood/Simpson mix.) The two fell for each other during their days at Eastern Illinois University.

A source says, "If you could see Tony's phone bill from all the calls and text messages he sends Crystal, you'd be stunned. They couldn't hook up much during the season. She was finishing her doctoral studies in Florida. But I know Tony flew Crystal to a game in Chicago where they spent time together." The source claims Tony is glad to get away from the whole Hollywood scene.

They say Romo is finishing up a $1.4 million lakeside house in his hometown of Burlington, Wisconsin. "There's going to be a housewarming on Valentines Day, and Tony's flying Crystal in. That's when he's set to propose." Ouch.

The Enquirer


shrimpfriedrice said...

If that is true it is sooooo going to drive her over the edge. Look for more straight to video crappy movies.

BS Detector said...

"According to the Enquirer"? ooooookaaaay....there's a bastion of truth in journalism if there ever was one. LMAO I can't believe ANYONE would give that readable toilet paper the satisfaction of quoting them. Come on! What's next? Jamie Lynn Spears' alien baby?

kris said...

actually, the Enquirer is who originally broke Jamie Lynn's pregnancy and Patrick Swayze's cancer. Oops.

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